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Congratulations, you have received an email secured with PaliApps secure email. If you are not a registered user click the link in the email to open the web viewer. You will also receive another email with your temporary account PIN. This temporary account is active for 24hrs. simply drag the securemessage.ssm file to the web viewer and enter your email address and temporary PIN when asked.
Your temporary account lasts for 24 hours unless you upgraded to a full account. To access the email you will need to ask the sender to send it again.
Please check your mailbox for a temporary account email and click the ‘Upgrade’ button. You can try the service for 30 days free of charge.
With the PaliApps Secure Email plugin for Outlook: Open Outlook; Select PaliApps Secure Email in the menu bar; Click login; click forgotten password. Now follow the instructions.
Use your email address to login.
To reinstate your account please email
The recipient(s) will receive your encrypted email and a separate email with details of their temporary account enabling them to access the message. They may also upgrade to a full account.
If you wish to cancel your subscription please contact
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