Important: For your ease, registration requires only a mobile number, email address and password.

Whilst our apps are designed to be simple to use, we all need a little help sometimes. If the FAQ's below don't help then drop us a line

This is your gateway to digital privacy. Use your Privacy Account to login to any application with the Secure with Scentrics logo

Register with any Secured with Scentrics application or go to our Privacy Portal and click the ‘Register’ button.

It’s the identity that you use to lock or unlock your data using a privacy app like SEndS. For example, if you send a secure email to a friend using SEndS, your friends email address must be linked to their Privacy Account for them to unlock the data. If it is not then you may invite them.

When you create your Privacy Account, the mobile number and email address you registered with are automatically added as Linked Accounts.

You can create a Linked Account in app by entering an existing email or phone number and validating the details. Press Linked Accounts in the menu and then the add button. Alternatively use the Privacy Portal to update your account

If a Linked Account is marked as pending it means the link in the validation SMS or email has not been clicked. If you have not received the SMS or email simply delete and recreate the Linked Account using the SEndS app or Privacy Portal

From the SEndS application or Privacy Portal click the ‘Forgotten Password’ link and follow the simple instructions

Your mobile number is your username. However for early versions of the application you may have registered a username of your choice. If you have forgotten this please contact

You may deactivate your account by clicking ‘Deactivate Account’ when logged in to your account in the Privacy Portal.

If this is the first time you are logging in make sure you have activated you account. When you signed up we sent you an email and an SMS. Make sure you click the links in these to get things working. If you haven't received them (please check your spam folder just in case) then the quickest way to solve the problem is to recreate the Privacy Account on the portal sign up page.

If you've logged in before then check that you have included your country code when entering you mobile number. The full international code is required (don't forget to drop the zero from your area code) so a number like 07955 221455 in the UK should be entered as +447955221455.

If you are still having problems then drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to help

To permanently delete you account please contact

This can be done in the Linked Accounts section in the menu of the app or via the Linked Accounts page in the Privacy Portal.

It stays encrypted and can be unlocked with a valid Privacy Account.

If you send a secure message to a friend who is not registered with the SEndS App they will receive and email or SMS invitation to register with the SEndS App. Once they have registered, downloaded the app and created an Identity you will be able to send private messages to each other.

If you’ve received a private message from a friend you will receive an invitation to register with SEndS. You must create an account, download the app and create an Identity before you can read private messages from friends.

If you want to send messages from a different Linked Account. Go to Linked Accounts in the app and select the Linked Account you want to use. If it is not in the list you may add more Linked Accounts by pressing the ‘Plus’ button.

Your old Privacy Account is still active but the newly registered account is now the main account. To login to the old account use your email address as the username.