Secure Email

Email encryption the easy way!

Laptop displaying blue cyber security icons

A straightforward solution to a complex problem

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), PaliApps is the simplest solution to one of the most pressing IT security issues of the moment: email encryption.

Historically, encryption has been complex and expensive to implement - and therefore only accessible by large organisations. PaliApps makes security and privacy of data accessible for businesses of all sizes. Its Microsoft Outlook, Android, iOS and web browser tools use the patented privacy SaPaas developed by Scentrics to ensure that standards-based encryption can be applied to messages and attachments the moment your users are ready to click 'send'.

A simple plug-in

PaliApps have combined two key components: the Scentrics security and privacy service, and a suite of tools for mobile, desktop and web. This means there are no new applications to install on your servers and there is no testing necessary. Because its functionality is embedded within your email client, PaliApps is incredibly easy for your users to pick up. No training is required and whether it is accessed on a desktop or mobile device, there is practically no interruption to the user's workflow - just one extra click to add encryption to a message.