Is Email a Safe Method of Communication?

The simple answer is no. In fact, you can think of emails as the digital equivalent of postcards that anyone can read, as opposed to letters that have been sealed in envelopes before posting.

An open door for intruders

Businesses need email, of course – hence its ubiquity. Yet it continues to offer opportunities for intruders. From Sony Pictures to the Democratic Party in the United States, some of the world’s biggest and wealthiest organisations have fallen victim to costly attacks. Whether email breaches simply embarrass the individual senders or cause more serious issues with clients or suppliers, the effects of attacks like this can be felt within a business for years.

Often, unsecured email is the way intruders gain entry. Following the digitisation of many UK supply chains, that means one hacked business could see all its customers and suppliers compromised. This might be why almost half (47%) of enterprise organisations* now evaluate the security arrangements of potential supply chain partners, prior to doing business with them. For small and medium-sized businesses – companies that usually lack the resources of multinational corporations – the issue is pressing.

The solution is simpler than you think

The answer is a dependable, manageable and cost-effective encryption solution. For small and medium-sized businesses, nothing works better than PaliApps.

Unlike traditional encryption software, PaliApps is not installed on your server as a separate application. Instead, it comprises a simple plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and the patented privacy service developed by Scentrics. There are two key benefits of this architecture:

  1. Keys are issued to devices as they are needed and removed after use, eliminating key management problems.
  2. No data is stored on PaliApps server – your data only comes together with the keys needed to access it on the user’s device.

PaliApps is easy to install and requires virtually no management. A simple plug-in or mobile app means it is easy for your personnel to use, whenever they need to send an email securely. Even its flat-rate subscription model is straightforward.

In short, it is the simplest way to ensure that emails are visible only to the sender and the intended recipient – just like a letter, signed and sealed in an envelope.

To learn more about PaliApps and how it works, click here.

* Source: 2017 US State of Cybercrime Survey