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Desktop Add-in for Outlook 2013-2019 & Outlook for Office 365

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Minimum requirement Android 4.2 (JellyBean)

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Chrome extension for Gmail

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Our apps are free to download

and provide access to these features in our free trial and paid accounts

Patented technology

Our unique and innovative patented system removes the complexity headaches usually associated with managing secure email.

Security by design

Emails are truly end-to-end encrypted using AES-256, and are never held on, and never pass through our servers.

Flexible licencing

Suspend or re-activate your paid account at any time, safe in the knowledge that you retain read only access to your secure email.

Simple one-click encryption

With just a click of the mouse you can securely encrypt an email and its attachments, and send to anyone.

Outlook add-in

Our Outlook add-in provides seamless integration with your desktop email client without sacrificing productivity.

Browser and mobile support

Mobile apps are available, and browser support instantly allows unregistered recipients access to an encrypted email.